One click to home security

The Croatian app Zuluhood, developed by the company Brombul, has become a global security hit. At the largest electronics trade show in the world in Las Vegas, the mobile app was presented as the “Uber for home security.”

This Croatian app is unique in that it offers a new way to ensure the safety of your home and family, allowing you to quickly and easily order the services of security guards or even utilize “your own forces” for your security needs.

With just one click on your mobile phone, you can order a home check service while you are away, conduct quick crisis communication within your family, or ask your friends for help in an emergency. When danger arises, your family becomes an organized Tribe, aided by trusted individuals called Watchers within the app, who can check what’s happening and even visit your apartment, house, or vacation home and send you a report.

Depending on your existing security equipment and preferences, licensed professional security guards can be hired to carry out these tasks, even appearing in the middle of the night, for example, to check your seaside vacation home, send you reports and photos, and, if necessary, protect the location until you arrive. Conversely, when you’re on vacation, someone can keep an eye on your apartment.

You can easily download the free Zuluhood application on your mobile device and simply register yourself, family members, and if desired, trustworthy friends, neighbors or other individuals. Currently in Croatia, you have access to professionals from three security agencies whose services may be needed in emergency situations, as well as for organizing events such as parties, weddings, and other occasions where discreetly maintaining order is necessary. Nevertheless, engagement of securitty companies through Zuluhood in other countries will be avelable as soon as possible.

If you already have security systems such as cameras, sensors, or other devices from the “smart home” category, you can include those features in the unified Zuluhood system among you, members of your “tribe,” your assistants, as well as professional security personnel, in such a way that you can quickly respond in case of need, rather than only later discovering that someone has caused you harm.

New practical services are also being prepared for this application, such as caring for elderly persons, and we will test all the possibilities and publish the results on the Sigurno.info website. You can find more information about the application HERE.