Outdoor accidents

Members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service are often perceived by injured individuals as angels from heaven who have come to save them.

Volunteers – rescuers

Members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) are often seen by the people they have helped as angels from heaven who have come to save them. And rightfully so. These individuals are always ready to help, willing to board a helicopter, jeep, or boat in the middle of the night, taking on risks to their own lives just to assist someone in distress. Furthermore, they do not receive any salary for such dangerous work. They are volunteers, something that few people understand today.

In addition, they strive to share their knowledge and advice with everyone. On their website at https://www.hgss.hr/, you can find a wealth of useful information. Here, we highlight the basic tips regarding actions to take in the event of an accident:


In case of an accident:

  1. Maintain composure and calm yourself and others.
  2. Protect the injured person and yourself from immediate danger (such as falling, falling rocks, suffocation, cold, moisture, etc.) in the best possible way.
  3. Provide first aid to the injured person within the limits of your knowledge and capabilities.
  4. Mark the location of the accident or the location where the injured person is (especially in winter).
  5. Urgently notify HGSS about the accident – call 112.


Notification of an accident in the mountains or other difficult-to-access terrain where assistance from the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) is needed can be made:

  • Through the Unified Operational Communication Center at phone number 112.
  • Through the designated phone numbers of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service stations (HGSS).
  • At HGSS information points, which are usually equipped mountain lodges marked with the HGSS logo and sign.
  • Via the police at phone 192.
  • Through emergency medical service stations at phone 194.
  • To any member of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (red jacket with HGSS logo and sign).


The accident report should include the following information:

  1. Name, surname, and telephone/mobile number of the person making the report for further contact.
  2. The source of information about the accident (as a witness or intermediary).
  3. The location of the accident (precise description).
  4. Information about the injured person (surname, name, age, address).
  5. Description of what happened (cause and type of injuries).
  6. Actions taken so far (type of initial first aid provided, who has been notified).
  7. Weather conditions at the accident site.
  8. Access route to the accident site.


Call for help:

In the mountains or on cliffs, a call for help is given through light or sound signals. The call and response should be repeated until a clear and intelligible connection is established. Call signals are given six times per minute, every other minute, and the response signals are given three times per minute, every other minute. Assuming the “Y” position (upright body with raised outstretched arms) signifies that assistance is needed, as well as firing a red flare.