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What is Sigurno.info about?

A whole new website where you can find all the informations about your safety – in one place.

Sigurno.info is a website that talks about general safety (sigurno = safe) . The site is still in development, but the main goals are:
1. To collect all the safety protocols and information in one place.
2. To be a reliable source of information.
3. To prevent initial panic.
4. To react better in case of accidents and emergency situations.

After the pandemic, followed by an earthquake in Croatia, a lot of people were left traumatized. Moreover, aggression on Ukraine that could escalate into a global conflict raises additional concerns. Can it get any worse than that? Some would argue that in situations like these, we shouldn’t scare people even further by writing about other potential accidents and emergency situations.

Even so, the goal of the Sigurno.info website is not to evoke a continuous state of worry, but rather the opposite – it’s to collect all the simple and quick tips on how to keep safe in crisis, and by doing that – achieve calm and quick reaction in emergency situations. You might be asking, is this even possible?

We think it is possible. In reality, people in Croatia who have already experienced the devastating consequences of war, in their lifetime also witnessed serious injuries, faced death, and had to worry about the health of their child, and the potential of losing a job or property.
Long time ago we used to laugh at the actions like “Nothing Can Surprise Us” organized by State Civil Protection in former Yugoslavia. We didn’t see the point in having underground shelters when the Second World War was forgotten long time ago, and we all complained about how unnecessary is to have mandatory military service. It turns out that “the devil never sleeps”, and that it’s always good to be ready and prepared for the various troubles in life.

Our website will be providing links to official data from state services that are in charge of different crisis protocols, as well as expert advice. Even if we consider that many of us are familiar with the basics of providing first aid (which we had to pass exam when acquiring our driver’s license), we believe that there is still a lot more to be said about safety. Our website Sigurno.info should become the ultimate security guide for your whole family and your property.
We will cover themes from the consequences of abuse in the workplace, domestic violence, theft, public violence and riots, up to the current war conflicts. Some of these issues can (at least to a certain degree) be managed if we are more informed and prepared for emergencies.

The concept of safety during a war conflict sounds like an oxymoron, and of course, no one can guarantee safety during global catastrophes, but quality information and preparation are the preconditions for minimizing risk. This can at least help us navigate through these dangerous situations a little bit better.

Sigurno.info was created by Croatian company Euro Communications from Samobor near Zagreb, and in collaboration with our expert associates who have many years of experience in different fields of public safety and security.

Stay tuned!