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What is Sigurno.info about?

A whole new website where you can find all the informations about your safety – in one place. Sigurno.info is a website that talks about general safety (sigurno = safe) . The site is still in development, but the main goals are: 1. To collect all the safety protocols and information in one place. 2. […]

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Ready for anything

Preppers – conspiracy theories, reptilian people, end of the world, life in underground shelters, and similar concepts are no longer the prevailing image that “preppers” have in the public eye. Preppers (also known as survivalists) are people who are often defined as those who intensely prepare for an impending catastrophe or collapse of civilization, and […]


Safe travel

Credit card and mobile phone are not always enough while traveling In today’s world, traveling has become so common that few people bother to prepare for possible problems. However, they can always arise even in well-known, seemingly safe destinations. We generally think – there is always money on the plastic card, we cannot get lost […]


The content of emergency bag

Equipment for all types of crisis situations should be planned in advance and placed in a bag (also called Bug out bag) whose contents can be also used as a reserve in all circumstances. Although, until the recent earthquakes in Croatia, the usual idea of an emergency kit was that it was almost unnecessary, very […]

Snow joys or sorrows

Dangers lurk in all seasons, and winter has its own “specialties” that should not be overlooked. The initial associations with winter and snow usually bring to mind romantic images of childhood joy, sledding, skiing, building snowmen, and snowball fights. Those who are a bit older usually think of snow removal, treacherous ice, and plaster casts […]


Outdoor accidents

Members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service are often perceived by injured individuals as angels from heaven who have come to save them. Volunteers – rescuers Members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) are often seen by the people they have helped as angels from heaven who have come to save them. And rightfully […]

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She was daring the devil

Important advice for victims of violence against women – what to do and who to turn to? Violence against women in the family or workplace is a problem that is talked about a lot today, but little is done about it. It’s sad to hear that Croatia is among the three countries in the European […]

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A-bomb in my neighborhood

Recently, after the insane threats of nuclear weapons from Russia, posters have appeared in public places in American cities with instructions in case of radiation hazard. Although people are already driven crazy by constant, increasingly worse news that is often exaggerated, even the worst-case scenarios should simply be considered as service information. If we know […]


One click to home security

The Croatian app Zuluhood, developed by the company Brombul, has become a global security hit. At the largest electronics trade show in the world in Las Vegas, the mobile app was presented as the “Uber for home security.” This Croatian app is unique in that it offers a new way to ensure the safety of […]